Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blue Note Bakery's 10th Anniversary Party

Last night, Daphne and I got to go to Mercury Hall to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Austin's Blue Note Bakery. Blue Note Bakery is located on South Congress, just south of Ben White, in the light industrial park where my church used to meet.

For Valentine's Day 2013, I got James their "I Love You Very Much" cake, and Daphne their incredible, sophisticated s'mores.

We were excited to get to celebrate with Angela Jiles (who was very busy) and her family. In the entryway, she had a timeline and pictures chronicling a brief history of the bakery. She was working from her home when she got her "DBA" on April 1, 2004. She hired her first employee in 2007 and moved into the location on Congress the next year.

I love the story of a small business built on hard work and quality product! Here are some pictures of the evening.

The grounds are gorgeous at Mercury Hall. We were even greeted by a black cat('s butt) on our way in.

Daphne in the mostly-empty hall. The balloon sculpture was under a vent and appeared to be dancing.

Timeline, a greeting card, and delicious chocolate swag bags.

Crema Bakery and Cafe had a "real food" table and this delightful sweets setup. Their chicken salad was creamy and red-onion-y, so I loved it muchly. On Facebook, they post pictures often of their cafe features, and the soups look amazing. This is further south in Austin, really near where my sister lives. It's probably good that we don't live quite as conveniently close. 

As far as my favorite thing from this table? The salted caramel cake balls (the white ones). They were soooo salty and the cake was moist and not too sweet. Daphne liked the double chocolate cake pops best.

After a while, Angela put out a couple of cake bars, so I snatched a slice of that, too.
The perfect icing-to-fondant ratio. :)

Mercury Hall itself is a lovely venue, and the decorations were fun. For this party, there was a DJ and a photo booth. Unfortunately, when the DJ started playing a dance mix of "Let It Go," my date decided that it was time to leave. 

Happy birthday, Blue Note Bakery!

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