Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Bike Ride

In addition to making something that might give me (or you) a cardiac infarction (see prior post), I also took a bike ride today.

Here's the video. Hope you like it! A couple of notes:

1) They're building EVERYWHERE in Austin right now. So many cranes.
2) On the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, I met a man who is 82 years old and said he remembered standing on the street bridge before the pedestrian/bike one was put in, in 1942, and that zero of the buildings I was filming were part of the landscape at that time. After we chatted, he said he had to keep moving because he was pretty sure that they don't allow anyone over the age of 50 to live in Austin.
3) There's a sign visible briefly in the dog park at Ladybird that says "Thanks for the nice improvements I can poop on!"
4) See one of the ubiquitous Segway tours on Congress?
5) Krueger's Jewelers is where we got James' dad's wedding ring resized for James.
6) The last clip is of a guitar store currently under construction, so close to our house that I fear for our bank account.
7) Beside that is Aish's veterinarian. Lots of the old houses around here actually are businesses, which explains why so many people mistake the Nuthaus for an office.

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