Friday, December 13, 2013

Downtown Christmas, Visit 2

Last night, Daphne and I walked down to see the window art installments on 2nd Street. While the displays are nothing like, say the downtown New York City department store vignettes (or, really, even the downtown Dallas Macy's windows we saw last year), they were still pretty cool, and we saw a lot of festive things.

One thing I noticed as I was uploading these (and I had to ditch a couple of photos) is that the dark/night pictures look fine digitally, on the camera and on my computer, but then when I upload them (to here or Picasa or anywhere else I've tried so far), they get very pixelated. I'm guessing that the sites upload a lower-quality version to save on bandwidth, but I can't figure out how to make it upload the hi-def version, so you're going to have to trust me when I tell you that I got some neat pictures that you're just not going to get to see.

Not many lights, but the agave is creatively adorned.

Christmas boots. Anything is better than Christmas shoes.

Stopped by the Capitol to see if there was a tree or anything, but apparently that might be culturally insensitive.

No Christmas trees, but the doors are beautiful.

The Capitol Christmas tree, as the music program was starting.

World-famous 6th Street, halls decked.

The Driskell Hotel.

Daphne hadn't seen the gingerbread village yet, so we stopped by Four Seasons.

A Christmas tree in a corner office or condo. Thought about taking my monopod; next time. :)

I was taking a picture up Congress from Cesar Chavez, then Daphne yelled at me to go because the light was turning.

The lobsters were bedazzled.

This whole scene was made out of clothes! The waves were jeans, the shark was dress shirts. His teeth were high heels.

Toy Joy used to be up near us to the north, but now it's on 2nd Street. It's a really fun store!

On the roof of an outdoor concert venue near our house.

Another succulent display.

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