Sunday, November 3, 2013

UT, finally.

Even though we live in the UT campus area, I haven't posted many pictures from campus. This afternoon, I rode my bike over and took a few pictures of things I thought were pretty or interesting. I went to several schools, and most campuses have their own charm... but I think there are many extraordinarily lovely places on the UT campus... which really contrasts with how ugly Guadalupe is, incidentally.

Fortunately, they've recently added a glorious bike lane to Guadalupe that is buffered from traffic by a parking lane. They put out some potted plants, too. Who knows? Five years from now, the commercial row might actually be attractive. They have some great local restaurants and businesses; it'd be great if the exterior matched.

But I digress. Here are some scenes from the University of Texas, just from my walking around after having ridden my bike less than a mile.

This building has a lot of windows, and each of them...

...has this very cool detailing at the top floor.

Regal mist! My favorite ornamental grass.

A campus icon.

This building had the signs of the Zodiac in addition to the window detailing.

It's difficult to tell in this picture, but under each window was a name: Virgil, Cicero, Dante, Aristotle, etc.

I believe that the Hebrew alphabet and the Greek alphabet, at least, are depicted one letter at a time on the metal plates between the windows of the Tower.

The sort of infamous turtle pond.

One of two telescopes on campus.

There is a roof. On the ground.

Even facilities maintenance can be pretty. The heating building next door had the names of Watt, Edison, Zuener, Carnot, Joule, and Franklin in metal plates along the building (which is fairly utilitarian-looking).

Just took this because I know it *is* University of Texas to some people.

Looking away from the fountain and tower.
As the sun set, it was time to head home... dinner wasn't going to make itself! In short, I love where we live. It's incredible. Come check it out some time!

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