Saturday, November 16, 2013

Night Walking

Over the past few months, I've shown you some of my neighborhood, but it's always been during the day. What about nighttime? One of the beauties of living at the Nuthaus is that the nightlife is plentiful. We live close enough to the famous 6th Street that we can walk there and enjoy all it has to offer without having to deal with traffic. But last night, I just walked around our general area to give you an idea of what's going on in the West Campus area at night.

Of course, there are the requisite bars and chains and restaurants, but you know what those look like. Except, I did take a photo of one chain that is near and dear to my heart.

Tiff's already has the Christmas lights up!

This is the ghost of an old dry-cleaning/steam laundry operation, I think. They still do dry-cleaning and alterations and laundry, but they must have a more compact facility in which to do it.
 This next one isn't decorated for Christmas. This is always what the courtyard looks like.

It's the Inn at Pearl Street, and their courtyard is so beautiful and so tranquil. Even though this is just off of Martin Luther King, Jr., they have a number of fountains softly babbling and sometimes, quiet music playing. It drowns out all of the traffic sounds.

Meanwhile, across the street from the Inn, someone was having a fancy party.

The food smelled awesome, the guests were all talking (ignoring the emcee), and while I tried to get the next picture, I got to listen to a sweet jazz singer performing "Summertime."

Austin is growing, so there is always construction.

Another place to stay, Hotel Ella.

This is Rio Grande, one of my favorite streets to bike. It has dedicated bike lanes going each way.

Some of the student residences already have their Christmas lights up, too!

The Rancho Rio Eatery on 26th and Rio Grande.

This next one is on Guadalupe, NOT at the Rancho Rio Eatery, and not a restaurant at all!

Mmmkay... so, were they having problems with people touching/erasing it?

And then there's this guy waiting for me.

Home, sweet home!

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