Sunday, October 6, 2013

Walking Around: Castle Hill's Graffiti Park

Today was a gorgeous one in Austin!

I was sitting out on the porch with my laptop, planning for our Christmas video, when James came out, taking a break from work stuff, and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. Why, yes! I did! But it had to be a wobbly walk. Because here in Austin, we might rock steady, but we...

So, we headed out and, less than half an hour later, were here:

This is the Graffiti Park at Castle Hill (see the castle behind it?), part of the Clarksville community. 

This site was supposed to be condos. They were funded and the foundations started in the 1980s... then the site failed some structural tests and building stalled. Back in 2007, more feasibility tests were done, and it was "upzoned." Here is a site plan for it, in case you're interested.

So far, though... just cool stuff.

There were people there weeding, and picking up trash, and painting over stuff to make blank canvases to put their own art. The spray paint fumes were deliciously noxious.

I have to agree with this sentiment, especially given the foreground.

How about all of this graffiti-based encouragement?

Even the drainage ditch was all painted up.

You could look for hours, and then come back in a few weeks, and there would be different art to observe.

To get here, go west on 12th from Lamar, and take the first left onto Baylor. You can't miss it!

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