Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: eSalon Customized Hair Color, Part 1

My friend sent me a link to eSalon last week, and I decided that, since the initial order is "50% off," so $10, and comparable to "store" hair color, I'd try it.

The process itself was pretty fun, mostly because it involved my answering a lot of questions about myself and my hair. And, well, as someone who actually has a "hair" tag for her blog, this was pretty amusing.

Two days later, a box showed up in the mail. When I opened it, I was surprised as to how "fancy" it was. I wanted to color my hair immediately, even though I didn't strictly need to.

Here's the packaging:

It has my name on it!

It's greeting me! :)

Look at all of this stuff!

There are two coloring kits. One for my roots and one for my ends.

Then there is all of these other items...

TWO sets of gloves! And stain guard?! What is this?!

My name is on EVERYTHING! It's all for ME!
But enough fangirling about the packaging... Um, and my fascination with seeing my name on things. What about the color? Well, it's not quite time yet. Still. I'll get busy with the coloring part soon!

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