Monday, August 12, 2013

The Art(ful Dodger) of Shaving

Have you attempted to purchase a shave brush stand recently? At The Art of the Shave, the least expensive one that they have is $50. Rumor is that they DO have their $6 stand somewhere in the store, under a cabinet somewhere, and will sell it to you if you're super obnoxious about how you will NOT pay $50 and want a shave stand NOW... but apparently I didn't protest enough and was not offered the Holy Grail of shave stands.

This weekend, James wondered aloud why he couldn't make one out of a wire hanger. Later, when I Googled "Why are shave brush stands so expensive?" we happened upon instructions from a man who had done just that. A quick glance at the multiple steps put James off of that plan. He wandered into the bedroom, performed a few cursory twists, and proudly came up with this.

What followed was a fanciful discussion about how to sell these on Etsy, perhaps for $.49 each, but charging $300 shipping. Or naming the account CrapNoOneShouldBuy.

But, seriously, that thing was huge. I had to have a crack at it.

I used vise grips and a wrench, and pulled a lot (but not all) of the powder-coating off of the hanger. However, it takes up much less real estate on the sink now, and it even holds his razor blade!

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