Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beer-Making, Part 2: Siphoning and Secondary Fermentation

The beer has been fermenting for the past two weeks.

Mmmm... foamy!

Today "we" (James) just had to do a little moving around. It was time to put the beer into a secondary fermenter for a week or so. Also, we needed to get it out of Daphne's room since she'll be back next week. We ended up hiding it in the one tiny closet we have, so if you come over and see our bags packed and ready to go, we're not really on our way out the door. We just don't have anywhere else to ferment beer.

Gentlemen ,start your siphons!

Rudy checks in.

The yeast at the bottom. We didn't want to transfer that, so had to move the container then let it re-settle.

Two out of three Nuthaus cats agree: Watching siphoning action is fun!

If you want any of this yeast, it's in our back yard. You'll have to sift the wood mulch out, though.
So, that's it for now. Stay tuned for bottling!

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