Friday, July 12, 2013

The Dark Side of Cake

This morning, as James and I were eating cake for breakfast (it's pound cake but we had lots of unsweetened strawberries and blueberries on it, so it's healthy!), we had a conversation about angel food cake.

James said that he remembered his grandmother being so proud of her Angel Food Cake, then horrified when James would cut a slice and crumple it up into a ball to eat it, destroying her hard work. (I used to do the same thing with Wonder Bread!)

He also remembered a pastor saying that he LOVED Devil's Food Cake, but that he had to hide in his closet when he ate it, because he couldn't bear the thought of his congregation knowing that he'd eat something called "Devil's Food."

This led me to ponder how to rename the cake into something less offensive. James' idea was "chocolate cake," but I think I might have eaten something else known commonly as "chocolate cake" before.

My ideas were:

1. The Supremely Misguided Angel's Food Cake
2. The Angel Formerly Known as Prince of Light Cake
3. Beelze-Yum
4. Hell-o Cake! (With a nod to Hey Cupcake!)

What about you? Any other ideas? Leave your renamed cake titles in the comments!

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