Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Triscuit Brown Rice and Wheat Crackers

Since having moved just off of the UT campus, I have rarely darkened the door of a "big box" store. We get most of our food from Whole Foods, though I occasionally will ride my bike to Wheatsville Co-op to pick up a few things or stop by Central Market or Sprouts when I'm out. Within the next couple of months, we will have a Trader Joe's within a few miles, and then the other one opens next year close to our house.

But I digress. You get the point.

MY point is that, today, while James and I were out running some errands, we went in to Target for... something we realized last night that we really needed, but we couldn't exactly put our fingers on what that thing was.

As we walked the aisles, we were still completely lost as to what we'd felt it was so important to obtain that we would end up inside a store like this. Whatever it was, it was something that CVS probably wouldn't carry.

We never figured it out.

We did, however, find these. And they looked interesting enough that we picked up a box.

It's a mouthful, but here is what they are: Brown Rice Baked with Sweet Potato Triscuits, Roasted Sweet Onion.

The ingredients?

Long grain brown rice, soybean oil, whole grain soft white wheat, dried sweet potato, onion powder, brown sugar, sweet potato powder, sea salt, sugar, garlic powder, dried molasses, natural flavor, dried parsley, yeast extract, distilled white vinegar, citric acid.

Hey, did you notice something? That stuff is all food. Even though there are three sweeteners, and the wheat is white, and the second most plentiful ingredient is oil, the thing is made out of food ingredients that I can immediately place by name.

What's the difference in sweet potato powder and dried sweet potato? I have no idea!

But these crackers are delicious. I know you probably either love Triscuits or hate them. I like them okay, in general. I tend to prefer Wheat Thins, of which I can eat an entire box. But with a nice dip or when they're well-flavored, I can go for some Triscuits.

These are delicious. The sweet onion flavor is stronger than the sweet potato flavor, but you still get that, too. The flavor is balanced, and it's delicious enough to be addictive on its own...

But there is an idea on the box that I desperately need to try: topping the Tricuit with a square of gouda and a slice of fresh fig. Yes. This needs to happen.

Highly recommended.

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