Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Hammond's Pigs N' Taters

You're not even going to believe me when I tell you that this thing exists, so let's just dispense with the introductions and I'll show you proof:

Yes, ma'am... sir... ma'amsir. Yes. This is a thing. It is a glorious thing. It is so heavenly, it has a halo. That's how out of this world a chocolate bar with bacon and potato chips is. Let's not argue about it, okay? Let's just bask in the wonder.

I found this at Breed and Company when I was there for a Soda Streamer refill (they're still out of Diet Dr. Pete, dang it!). When I got home and checked out Hammond's website, I realized that we're scheduled to tour the facility next spring when we're on vacation!

So, on to the main event:

This is milk chocolate, so it's light and creamy. Since it's about 80 degrees in the house, that chocolate "snap" isn't easy to judge. The melting point of chocolate is between 86 and 90 degrees, so we are getting close. (Incidentally, that's why it has such a pleasant and unique mouth feel; it melts just below our body temperature, so it liquefies as it makes contact with the tongue.)

I didn't see any potato chips when I broke into the chocolate, but I did see quite a bit of bacon.

There was, however invisible, a very satisfying amount of crunchy chip content in the smooth chocolate. Between the chips and the bacon, this is an incredibly salty bar, which I love. This might be one of my favorite candy bars ever, which is saying a lot. It is a testimony to my adoration of my husband that I didn't open it before he got home and that I haven't now, while he's at work, finished the candy. It's just that amazing.

I have mentioned this before, but just to review: When eating chocolate, you will enjoy it more if you don't chew it. Remember that melting point? Letting the chocolate melt on your tongue allows the flavors to assault your senses of both taste and smell, and the result is a lot more enjoyable than if you chomp it up and swallow it. This is especially true as the chocolate gets darker. Very dark chocolate can taste like black glue if you insist on masticating it. But even with milk chocolate, I prefer to let it linger for a while.

With this bar, when you do that, you end up with a bunch of crunchy bit of chips and bacon left over to enjoy after the chocolate has mostly melted, but you can still taste it. It's delicious and fun to consume.

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  1. I found these on thanksgiving and they are one of the best I've ever had.