Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Question for the Public

Does anyone know anything about this van?

Once or twice a week, it parks to the side of Taco Cabana for a couple of hours. People come and go, hang out, chat, and it's basically just like a roadside living room.


We've been tempted to go over and see what's happening. They're always having a nice time. When they parked the other day, the person on the bike rode over to join them, and when the van moved, they loaded the bike up and took that person with them.

I wonder if they stay until they're made to move, or they only hang out at certain places for a certain amount of time, so that friends will know where to find them.

If you know anything about this, leave the info in the comments! I'm really curious.

The last time they were here, I had a mystery shop for a dinner delivery, and we've decided to order them dinner as soon as they park next time, then watch to see what happens...

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