Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cats About Town

Just as Aish was getting used to living in Austin, her life was upset by the addition of two cats and two ladies.

Actually Carol and Rudy moved in before Daphne and I did. Rudy got here a couple of weeks ago, and Carol moved in the during the interim.

There have been lots of fights and hissing and litter boxes and clean-ups, but it seems like everyone is settling in.

Carol and Rudy, for instance, like to spread out and enjoy the kind of space they didn't have in the trailer.
Carol and Rudy approve of James' grandma's couch.

Carol also enjoys the master bedroom bed.

Rudy is just as happy on my computer bag.

Whereas Carol knows it's naughty to be on the kitchen table and settles into the chair.

Speaking of computer bags, Rudy also approves of Daphne's.

In the end, Carol opts back to the bedroom.
You might wonder, "What about Aish?" Well, she has her own place of comfort and hiding. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it freaks me out a little bit, as it has a horrifically "Phantom of the Opera" quality about it.

That's right. Aish has turned into a skulking lurker. She's hanging out... the fireplace.
Plotting our demise, no doubt. She rests, but she never sleeps... neverrrr sleeeeeeepssss.


  1. The one of Carol on the dining chair looks like she has no legs. Is Aish STILL there? "The kiiiiiiiiiity of the chin-mi-ney is heeeeeeeere....Inside your mind!"