Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventures in Dragonfruit!

Daphne has wanted to try dragonfruit for a long time. Tonight, we finally found one at Fiesta Market. It was $6, but we decided that was worth it for an exotic experiment in fruit.

It looks a little intimidating, no? I think it resembles something evil from VeggieTales.

Really pretty, though... And then we cut into it...

The "meat" is soft, a little more "scoopable" than cantaloupe, but nearly the same consistency. The seeds are crunchy like strawberry seeds.

The flavor is mellow and sweet to sweet/tart, depending on where you eat. The sugar seems to be concentrated in the middle of the fruit, and toward the flesh, the flavor is milder.

We enjoyed the fruit very much! I don't know that we'll make it a regular dessert, but next time we have a special occasion, I think it'd be fun to buy a couple of these and scoop the flesh out, cube it, and serve it in its skin.

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