Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Walk in the 'Hood

A great thing about the Nuthaus is that we're within walking distance of practically everything we could ever need ever. Not only that, it's all pretty scenic. Even cooler, the scenery is distinctly different depending on whether you exit the house and walk north, south, east, or west.

This evening, Daphne and I took a very brief walk, and I'll share with you what we saw in our ten- to fifteen-minute stroll around the 'hood.
On the side of some apartments in the area.
The ivy-covered side of those apartments. See what I see?

Beautiful kitty in the sunset!

Here's the front of one of the houses. It's right on the street, but still "quiet."

The side entrance to the house. Lots of homes in the area have historical markers.

See the awesome balcony? I think the main house is old, but the balcony area is probably an add-on.

Daphne requested that I take a picture of this house "up." Good call! Love the angle. LOVE the colors.

Some of the houses are nicely hidden. It makes me curious!

This is the back half of a house I LOVE. It's build long-wise, with the "side" to the street, and is half buried into the ground. On this side of the house, the roof is probably 5 feet off of the ground.

Again: LOVE the colors!

And the hidden nature of this house makes me want to walk down the drive and see it! I know from Google Maps that there is a big pool in the back yard!

I'm in love with this garden.

I'm glad I don't have to clean the house, though! :)

Smart to use ground cover; that's an awkward angle to try to mow!

The other night, I saw in the window that the interior walls are the same white blocks. SO retro.

Student housing co-op.

Courtyard at a nearby bed and breakfast.

This is "our" firehouse.

The awesome weathervane on the firehouse.

But you know what my very FAVORITE house in the neighborhood is? Yeah, it's this one...

<3 Home sweet home, and my man waiting for me on the porch.

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  1. I love it! The kitteh in the window pic is legit!